General Information

The Institute of Physics consists of eight groups. The research in the Institute is being done in various fields of physics and it is financed whether by the University of Szczecin or the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Organization Overview:

  • Asrtonomy and Astrophysics Group
  • Electrodynamics and Optics Group
  • Solid State Physics Group
  • Nuclear and Medical Physics Group
  • Molecular Physics Group
  • Sea and Environmental Physics Group
  • Cosmology and Gravity Theory Group
  • Field Theory Group
  • Didactics of Physics Laboratory

History of the Institute of Physics

University Physics started in Szczecin in 1968 with the beginning of the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The mathematics with physics studies were supervised by the branch of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. From the very beginning the Department was placed at Wielkopolska 15 street. First, this was the Division of Physics, which had then only one full-time employee and at the same time its president M.S. Stanisław Wroński. In 1970/71 the Unit had two employees and in the next year - three. The rest of remaining employees were working part-time. In the second year the Department started external studies for graduatesof Introductory Studies in Mathematics and Physics for teachers. The research in the Physics Division was in that time performed in:

  • Physics of the Sea,
  • Ferroelectrics,
  • Didactics of Physics.
Studies in the Physics Division were very popular. The first group of students (42 people) graduated in 1971. In the following years the branch of the Adam Mickiewicz University has been transformed into independent Pedagogical University. In the Physics Division four Laboratories were established:

  • Experimental Physics,
  • Theoretical Physics,
  • Hydrodynamics,
  • Didactics of Physics.
Six groups performed active research in the following fields of physics:
  • Particle Physics Group,
  • Molecular Physics Group,
  • Solid State Physics Group,
  • Sea Physics Group,
  • Coherent Optics Group,
  • Didactics of Physics Laboratory.
In 1985 the University of Szczecin was established and the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences divided into two independent departments:
  • Mathematics and Physics,
  • Biology and Earth Sciences.
After a time the Physics Division reached a status of the Institute of Physics and since 2007 the Institute has a right to grant PhD in physics.

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